Practice Philosophy

Dr. Frohn’s office is staffed by extremely knowledgeable, warm, and caring persons.  His goal and practice philosophy is to render the highest quality and most comprehensive chiropractic & sports medicine treatment possible.

What distinguishes Dr. Frohn’s clinical practices from the others is the combined use of physiotherapy modalities (i.e. ultrasound, electric stimulation, heat), stretching and strengthening exercises, along with spinal and joint manipulation to deliver a comprehensive approach to orthopedic, sports medicine, and pre/post-surgical rehabilitation.  Working in concert with his patient’s primary care physician and/or orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Frohn takes a “multi-discipline” approach to the treatment of his patients.

This philosophy recognizes that often the best approach to obtaining complete healing is to combine the benefits of all health care disciplines.  This approach enables Dr. Frohn to provide a co-managed treatment package tailored to the individual needs of each patient.